Want to Support?

We are a community driven organization with the goal of bringing joy and relief to those in Austin in need, by providing a home cooked meal of Red Beans & Rice (and some sides to make it complete). We are neighbors helping out neighbors and we could use your help!

Delivering Meals

We put out the sign-up sheet for free meals on Tuesday at around noon. Once we hit our limit of free meals, usually around Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, we can see how many drivers we will need for that upcoming Sunday. At that point, we reach out individually to volunteers based on what part of town we have need in. If you haven’t heard from us by Thursday night, then we will not need you for that week. The only time that might change is if a driver has to cancel, at which point we may contact you later than Thursday to see if you are available to fill in.  If this works for you, please fill out the form below!

Sunday is the only day we need availability at the moment, and volunteer time averages around an hour with 3 – 5 delivery stops.

Baked Goods

Each week we include 2 baked goods with our meals – a savory (cornbread or biscuit) and a sweet baked good (think cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, etc). If you are interested in contributing either or both (we’ll never ask you to do both on the same week) it means providing 45 individually wrapped portions and delivering them to us by Saturday of your scheduled week. If this works for you please for you please fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you and schedule a week for you to bake.


Please click the appropriate button below to donate. If you are more comfortable donating items please email us at RedBeansAustin@gmail.com.